Pianist Ian Mulder performs his own compositions for piano and orchestra, based on the most beautiful inspirational tunes during a 250 concerts tour in 2021/2023. You'll thoroughly enjoy one of the most unique musical experiences you've ever heard. Ian Mulder performs with local orchestras or solo piano if the budget is limited.

Concert Packages


Bronze Concert Package

PACKAGE 1: Bronze

- Ideally for small to mid-size churches.
- London Symphony Orchestra backing track.
- Technical requirements include sound system.

Grand Piano
Bronze Concert Package

PACKAGE 2: Silver

- Ideal for mid-size to large-size churches.
- Small orchestra.
- Full service and sheet music is included.

Ian Mulder Tour Trucks
Bronze Concert Package


- Ideal for large-size churches.
- Full size orchestra.
- Full service and sheet music is included.

Ian Mulder Tour Trucks


Carolyn Burnham:
I think I shall have to replace the CD Love Divine that I have as it has been played over and over every single day since receiving it. It was a gift from Nancy Leigh DeMoss (Revive Our Heats) we support them in their work to share the Gospel.  And now I want to share the Music of JAN MULDER with others as God Blesses us through His incredible gift at the piano touches our our hearts in a way no other pianist has done.   A most Blessed Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. So much to be thankful for.

Elizabeth Reynolds:
I have all your albums. Thank you so much for beauty of each rendition, and for the sacred content.  Please keep it up. I wish you many more years of sharing your God given talent with the world. 

Marty Nystrom:
Hello Jan, my name is Marty Nystrom and I am the composer of the worship song "As the Deer"  I found your recent recording as I was searching ITunes.  I love how you presented the melodic theme of the song in five classical sections.  Very beautiful! Thank you for including it on your excellent album. My maternal grandfather came to America from the Netherlands in 1911 when he was a young boy. Please let me know if you ever perform in the Seattle area.  God bless, Marty Nystrom

Rob Schoolfield:
Many thanks for bringing your wonderful music to our city last night. I was in the orchestra and enjoyed it very much.

Klara Sokolova:
I found Jan Mulder's music one of the best I have ever listened to. My style is rather classical and I have a passion for piano which are both amazingly blended together in his pieces. The compositions are fresh, light, full of energy and uplifting feelings. This music is a real blessing. 

Ine Braat:
How I love : The Lord's Prayer, both versions. You are such a great artist dear Ian, respect and admiration. God bless you always.

Elsabe van Rensburg:
Why cant we have Jan Mulder in South Africa for a concert?

Tillie Howe:
Words can't express how very much I enjoy everyone of your CD's and often  play them over and over all day long as they bring me so much joy.   When I need to be uplifted - I play your CD's.   My most favorite is "Love Divine" CD..   I play the Amazing Grace and Abide with me, over and over several times a day.....I play "Love Divine" while doing some work, but most times end up sitting down and just listening "to your fingers" running up and down your beautiful piano".  I've watched you play on You Tube and am amazed how easily you move your fingers up and down many times. The Lord Bless you for your music ministry.

Brigitte Schindler, Germany:
I got your email-address from fans who visited you in Amsterdam. They were enthusiastic about your great concert and the beautiful atmosphere.  On their way back to Toulouse last Friday they made a stop in Munich, where we met.  They presented and delivered me your CD Love Divine” which is outstanding! Thank you so much for this lovely gift which touched me very much!  It is just beautiful listening to the marvelous piano runs and the exceptional harmony of the whole arrangement.  Outside thick snowflakes are falling and the wonderful music is colorizing the white landscape in my mind. Your music is touching the soul!  Your music will be an inspiring companion for me when working on my photos. Especially the finish of the fine details of a photography are demanding a special mood, where only music and inner peace can lift me in.

June Maree:
Dear Wonderful Jan Your music is just fabulous, my absolute favourite is (Sanctus) Holy is the Lord, ... it has been played over and over again, and it stirs my heart every time... and may I say reduces me to tears sometimes, .. in a good way. I wanted to thank you for creating such a masterpiece, and look forward to discovering more of what you have composed as I have only recenly discovered your wonderful compositions. A million thank you's..... xx June